A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Bye Bye Big Ocean”

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a sunny day in glasgow

The first single, “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)”, from A Sunny Day in Glasgow's Sea When Absent came out earlier in the year, accompanied by a lyrics video—as the words are barely audible in the trance-like recording. The lyrics in “Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End)”, the single most recently released off the LP, are similarly hard to hear, but have no video backup to help us sort through the cascading layers of synth. Verbose song titles aside, the band is concerned with more than just text, evident from the labored-over prettiness of their sound. It's been almost four years since their last full-length release; one more month, and it all starts over.

Lefse will release Sea When Absent on June 24.