A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “In Love with Useless”

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow have been laying low since releasing Autumn, Again in 2010, but anounced recently that their next album, Sea When Absent, will be coming out this summer with Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, The War On Drugs) set to produce it. The album will feature eleven tracks, six of which contain an ironic, often verbose parenthetical in the title. One such track, “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)”, has already been circulated. Its lyrics are barely comprehensible, amid the clattering shoegaze engine at its heart. Good thing, then, that they also put together a stylish lyrics video, with comically formatted transcriptions comprising the song's earnest message.

Lefse will be putting out the new album on June 24. Stream the single below.