Aan, “Heartbreaker”

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As if they knew how our hearts would feel the day after Halloween, Portland’s indie rock outfit Aan – comprised of Bud Wilson, Dana Valatka, Gabe Nardin, and Travis Leipzig – has decided to premiere their new single “Heartbreaker” exclusively with Impose. The song is off their upcoming album, Dada Distractions.

The song builds into a slow-to-mid-tempo track, with a reliable beat and flourishing guitar harmonies. The vocals work well together, reminiscent of indie pop rock favorites Death Cab For Cutie and many others. As mainstream-ready as Aan might be with their intricately crafted composition and high-quality production, we’re kind of happy to consider them a diamond in the rough right now. They might just be the next big thing.

As it’s crooned,”You knew I was a heartbreaker.” If you didn’t know, now you know.

Dada Distractions is out November 18th via Party Damage records. It is available for preorder now on iTunes and Bandcamp. Keep up with Aan via Spotify.