Adrian Daniel ft. History, "Deadly Attraction" Remix

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn’s Adrian Daniel is making a name for himself with a soulful brand of R&B that fuses the best of classic R&B sensibilities and modern sonics. From his heartfelt, narrative-driven songwriting to his soaring falsetto, Daniel is one to watch in 2018 and beyond. We previously covered his “Open Up” track, a single he dropped months back. Now he’s gearing up to release his FLAWD album, but gave us a remix of the well-regarded “Deadly Attraction” to get us primed for the March 2nd drop.
Daniel got with fellow Brooklyn up-and-comer History of Mogul Club for the “Deadly Attraction” remix. The two used their medium of choice to delve into equally compelling reflections on faithfulness and the figurative forbidden fruit. Daniel croons about a relationship in which he’s “drownin’ in your ever-flowing mind,” while History culls through a troublesome relationship and surmises, “I could be so faithful but she still will never trust me/so f*ck it.”
FLAWD is releasing on 1990 records. You can listen to the “Deadly Attraction” remix below.