Adrian Daniel, "Open Up"

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn’s Adrian Daniel is quickly ascending in the world of genre-bending R&B singers, and his latest “Open Up” single is a strong example why. The lush record was co-produced by Jack Dine and Bakerman, who collaborated to give Daniel a stirring, soundscape that both resounds and mystifies at different junctures. “Open Up” has an undeniable trap swing, but gives Daniel room to show off his vocal chops— which he does in impressive fashion.

Daniel matches the production with a well-penned ode to the subject of his devotion. The song subverts the norms of modern R&B, sidestepping superficial, carnal compliments to implore his love to realize what they both have to offer each other. The refreshing angle is a strong testament to Daniel’s ascendance as a singer. He’s intent on infusing fresh sonics with elements of classic R&B, a formula that should be all over his upcoming album. In the meantime you can get familiar and stream “Open Up” below.