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Ahnnu's World Music has a transportative element to it, which can drift into Blue Note electric relaxation and just as you've achieved that absolute ease, it pounds you over the head with a loop that sounds like a skipping Animal Collective record. The young L.A. producer describes the process as holistic tracks “intended to inspire an experience of indifference within a space of perpetual sonic motion.” It's quite possible the philosophy that went into World Music is at play once again with Ahnnu's contribution to our Friday Night mix series.

For Ahnnu's curated mix, he opens with the familiar to our readership, Dustin Wong's “Gymopedie” from his 2010 cassette Let It Go. From there he begins to bind film score composers to British ambient specialists like Johnny Greenwood and Brian Eno. A track from Howard Shore's score of Scanners comes in close encounter with the Eno's Compact Forest Proposal, which was created for an installation in MoMA SF. It's a juxtaposition that brings a smile to our face as Cronenberg's Scanners makes us think of the head exploding scene, while Eno's CFP falls into his Quiet Club series with an intent of providing retreat from the city.

It's a mix that can slip into the background of a day's conciousness until aggitation sets in and you can't figure out what's causing it. The unsettling is always followed by the soothing, making those moments of teeth grinding fleeting, and somehow Ahnnu slips in a Young Money Entertainment track like overlapping radio transmissions, set against the IDM of Squarepusher.

Ahnnu's Friday Night tracklisting
01 Dustin Wong – Gymnopedie
02 Hideaki Sakurai – The wolf crosses the ocean / Johnny Greenwood – Open Spaces
03 Mkwaju Ensemble – Hot Air
04 Howard Shore – Assassins in the barn / Brian Eno – Condition 3
05 Cornelius – 思ってたんとちがう (Omottetan To Chigau)
06 Jan Jelinek – They, Them
07 Diamond Black Hearted Boy – Architecture
08 Bun / Fumitake Tamura – Yugamu
09 Jamerson – Chicken Cocked
10 Opiate – OpiTTT
11 Kid A – Nintai
12 Squarepusher – The Swifty

Ahnnu's World Music cassette is out now on Leaving Records/ Stones Throw.