Aimee Steven – “Don’t Forget It”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Liverpool guitar queen unleashes raucous, defiant musical statement

Based in the legendary music hub of Liverpool, rising songwriter Aimee Steven has been working tirelessly to perfect her craft. On her latest release “Don’t Forget It,” she’s full of defiance and gutsy spirit – fired through the speakers in the form of a visceral guitar driven chorus. It’s a wall-of-sound anthem that drives home a message to destroy self-doubt and instill confidence in her listeners. 

A pure performer at heart, Aimee has been using her time in lockdown effectively. In addition to recording undoubtedly her strongest work to date, she’s also embraced opportunities to perform for the women’s empowerment campaign Generation W and global charity NPH USA’s appeal to support vulnerable children in South America during the pandemic.

On the new single, we hear Aimee at her very best: sultry verses with a feel of melancholia, juxtaposed with a biting chorus full of punk spirit.

“’Don’t Forget It’ is a song that reminds us of our worth in and out of love, and asks others to see that too,” she shared. “Self doubt and anxiety linger under the surface but love must always prevail. I chose to make this my first single of 2021 after the global pandemic brought us a whole year of anxiety. I wanted to remind everyone how much they are worthy of love and of life.”

Listen to Aimee Steven’s “Don’t Forget It” below.