Akai Hayabusa, “Deuce Mega”

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Akai $olo is an introspective rhymer who offers songs full of bare, humility-tinged expression on his life and times. He’s the same in conversation, offering thoughtful, thorough responses that eschew typical platitudes for a refreshing honesty. That said, he also enjoys a selective air of mystique. He’s released “Deuce Mega,” a song with a “run into your progression at full speed” mission statement that’s a product of him “writing himself out of depression,” as he noted via email.

Akai says he didn’t own the mentality until the day before his birthday in November, after the completion of his upcoming 2Gales project. But he’s mum on whether the song is on the project, or if his reticence is a hint as to the thematic direction of his debut album.

Whatever the case is, “Deuce Mega” works in its own right. Rhyming in a stream of consciousness over a mellow, jazzy Knwledge production, Akai unleashes his lispy flow to cull through affirmations of his determination and find his “center.” He surmises, “to be this gifted is surely a curse,” while criticizing the superficiality of the establishment that he feels ostracized by. He’s “unknown and unbound,” and “breaking into the daylight like he’s saving night.”

But he’s also not sure when he’s offering his 2Gales project to the world. In the meantime, “Deuce Mega” is lyrically dense and thought provoking enough to keep the anticipating buzzing.

You can stream “Deuce Mega” below.