Al Lover remixes Fuzz

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Fuzz Al Lover Remix

As we have mentioned before, Al Lover is the homie and has been for some time. Recently he took “Fourth Dream”, a psychedelic stoner sludge track by Ty Segall's new band Fuzz, and remixed it into a dark and sultry hip hop beat. In a Youtube comment, the original track was described as Black Sabbath on Special K, a statement I believe could not be more accurate. However, Al Lover pushes it to another level.

Al Lover's remix grooves at a slow tempo. The beat itself is heavy with percussion fit more for the Congo than the Bay, but it serves the remix incredibly well. The instrumental consists of Ty Segall's droning guitar, yet infinitely more swampy. Die-hard Ty Segall fans might take offense to Al Lover's reworking of this track. As for us, no persuasion was needed to embark on Al Lover's “Fourth Dream” remix and enjoy every moment of it.