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Creative Controlled

Al Lover's Woodsist remixed came under fire from Jeremy Earl and his PR representatives in the form of Cease & Desist letters. But, Cool Al Lover don't play that.

Al Lover is proving to be a renegade on wax with his new free project entitled Creative Controlled. He shrugged off the C&D letters by stating on his blog:

Well, fuck that. I respect those cats, but I'm not gonna stop my
progression because someones concerned with intellectual property rights
or whatever. I don't know, maybe they just think the shit's wack. Sue
me, I ain't got shit.

It's a bold stance to take against the almighty Woodsist and we hope it works out for him. Fired up on piss, vinegar and a supplement of coffee over booze, Creative Controlled is a 30-minute exploration into the blind essence of crate digging as Al selected vinyl at random to sample. Listen closely as the project has a loose narrative on piracy laws and intellectual property.

Here's the video for “Baby Please” from the album:

After giving Creative Cotnrolled a couple back to back burns, we're rooting for Al Lover to the soundtrack of Big Boi's “Shine Blockas”. Don't block his shine, Earl.

Download Creative Controlled here.