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Heavy Hippies

Since the release of Satanic Tambourines' on Impose Records, Al Lover's been on a happy medium of amphetamines and pyschotropic stimulants, or so it seems. In the span of a month, the SF producer dropped a Chopped & Screwed tape called Cave Music, compiled an official mixtape for the Austin Psychfest in April and took his Impose cassette to an alternate dimension known as the c-side.

Al Lover is calling his recently released Heavy Hippies: cheapdrugsfreelove the unofficial second half of Satanic Tambourines. Skuzzy and burned at the seams, each beat is stoned off its ass. He's stated that the psych music of today is what the producers of tomorrow will sample, but rather than give them the opportunity to do so, he's taken on the task of being ahead of the curve with each record. Littered with acid chatter, Heavy Hippies is a placebo affect on the ear canals, as the Al remains keen on the minor tasks of taking you into an alternate and far more astral plane.

Download Heavy Hippies: cheapdrugsfreelove for free.

Al Lover will be on tour with a full band in April and will appear at the Austin Psychfest.