Alan Watts, “April Sirens Mix”

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Alan Watts

Godmode's Alan Watts have delivered the rites of spring in our first Friday Night mix of April. It was never suggested the curation be geared towards the showers of cleansing rain, the warming of things, and the budding of life. Alan Watts operate with a sentience to nature's movement; it's a meditative understanding that can be heard in their latest release Ara.

Opening with Roger S.'s “Deep”, the birds are chirping, the natural world is alive within the acid house template—even the hi-hat feels faintly organic as though it's constructed from human gasps of breath. Subtitled as “sounds for thawing times,” The trio of Mike Sheffield, Jeremy Krinsley, and Patrick Stankard have invited all walks of life into their world. It's music that would put your house plants at ease and encourage an early bloom, at least originally. Eventually though, the revolutions of the turntable veer toward industrious terrain; concrete monoliths, fields of sunflowers are mortared and paved over, and the ominous hum of progress never ceases. This is where Alan Watts exist, their natural habitat. It erodes into “PFA” off the group's Post Fantasy release.

As the vibrations progress, Alan Watts synthesize the worlds with deep house treats that homage the passing of Frankie Knuckles. In the duration of the “April Sirens Mix”, Alan Watts see life like a groove in a record, continuously cycling through the needle. Even when the mix slips into esoteric passages of numerical transmissions and arpegiated blips, it retains a connection to the organic world through constellation tones and mutated warps that feel like nature imposing its will.

Alan Watts' Ara is out now on Godmode.

“April Sirens Mix” tracklisting:
01 Roger S. – Deep (w/ Fruit Loops)
02 Maurizio – M4A
03 Deep Chord – Untitled (DC-11 A Side)
04 Alan Watts – PFA
05 Galcher Lustwerk – Outside the Club/I Neva Seen
06 Leon Vynehall – It's Just (House of Depree) (w/ Charlegmagne Palestine)
07 Lucy – The Illusion of Choice (w/ Watts Scan)
08 Patten – & Our Wild
09 Doctor Chart – We Are Dresses (Indoor Watts)
10 Dark Sky – In Brackets (w/ 4981_2)
11 The Other People Place – Moonlight Rendezvous