Alex G, “Hollow”

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alex g

A few days ago, The Fader published an exhaustive profile of 21-year-old “internet songwriter” Alex Giannascoli (Alex G), in which we learned that, after experimenting with different bands and styles, like the “'goth techno' he made with his cool older sister or the pop-rock that accidentally 'ended up being punk,'” his true songwriting element is to work alone. His work to date has dealt with mental illness, drugs, downcast suburban life, and of course, the pangs of young love; for a college junior, his penchant for poingant despondency is refined perhaps beyond his years. In a new track, “Hollow”, off his upcoming full-length record DSU, the songwriter dabbles in Elliott Smith-like melody, adding jangle and distortion that muddle his shaky falsetto, but not so much as to obscure resounding lyrics like “you've made a big mistake.” Make no mistake, the only ironic part of the release is, presumably, the unlikely use of a football player as the album art's central image. Otherwise, Giannascoli isn't kidding around.

DSU comes out June 17 via Orchid Tapes, with pre-orders going on now. Stream “Hollow” below.