Alex The Astronaut – “Lost”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Another swooning, heart-on-your-sleeve stunner from the Aussie indie rocker

Over the last few years, Australia’s Alex The Astronaut has built up a steady following off the strength of two excellent EPs from 2017: To Whom It May Concern and See You Soon. A natural storyteller, Alex’s music captures swooning indie melodies, anthemic choruses, and painfully honest, self-deprecating lyrics tracing her journey through young adulthood.

Now she’s gearing up to release her highly-anticipated debut album The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing, which arrives on August 21. So far we’ve heard singles “Split The Sky,” “I Think You’re Great” and “I Like To Dance”; now Alex has shared the latest taste of the record, the melancholic, heart-on-your-sleeve stunner “Lost.”

On this riveting midtempo ballad, plucky guitar work and Alex’s beautifully earnest vocals underscore that turbulent feeling of having your sense of control spiral away from you. The track’s emotionally-shattering chorus will leave listeners spellbound and transfixed by the raw emotions on display.

“The song is pivoted around a moment of change when someone is walking new ground and they really don’t know what’s to come,” Alex shared. “For me it’s one of those ‘one goes out, one comes in’ times when you lose what you hoped things would be like but you get to move through a different world that maybe will show you something you didn’t know you would see.”

The track’s themes will no doubt hit harder during this unique moment in time. The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing promises to explore all the unique facets of Alex’s coming-of-age story: friendship, love, loss, pain, change, and evolution.

“I transitioned out of college, I went through my first break up, I lost a friend, I got into my first proper grown up relationship, and I started seeing bigger problems in the world,” she explained. “I wanted the songs to mean something to me, to sit in my values, and I also wanted them to be a group of songs that told stories that meant something to the people that heard them.”

The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing arrives on 8/21 via Nettwerk. You can pre-order it HERE and feel the burn of “Lost” below: