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alexander spit

Last I reported on Alexander Spit I was on the fence about his flavor of L.A. hip hop by way of the Bay. Spit's sound is dedicated to a fashionable L.A. flashing lights setting, but he's not shunning his roots in the Nor Cal “hella” slang.

I don't know what its going to take for me to choose sides, but Spit remains one corny bar or too watered down club beat away from getting on my nerves. I've also been told by many-a San Franciscans to not call it “Frisco,” yet Spit has a song called “Frisco, What Up” – risky business. Still I concede when I hear lines like, “it goes no bullshittin' / no wolf ticket / you get your money's worth / paid in full, bitches / papa don't preach / vodka don't freeze.” Plus, many-a people I know say that Spit is the homie, so I am trying to trust their judgment. Al Lover keeps us immersed in some of the freshest hip hop sounds and his “Hella” (Best Coast Remix) track is a damn good reason to keep with Spit.

Alexander Spit, “Hella” (Best Coast Remix)

Alexander Spit makes it easy to stay checking as his new record Until Next Summer is up as a free download through The Hundreds or get it directly from Spit's site.

Alexander Spit, “Ashes”