A.M. Break Ups, Clink Pieces

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A.M. Breakups

Backwoodz Studioz is known for its grime and grit with records revolving around the blunted street abstractions of artists like Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox and Super Chron Flight Bros to the dusty breakbeats of Willie Green. A.M. Breakups is a poloroid junkie with a moniker more suited for a Lefse signing, making his ties with Backwoodz all the more intriguing.

The Lefse comparison is fitting of A.M. Breakups. His range flirts with the chillier of wave sonics, chopping up acoustic strums, crunching up static feedback for drum breaks and letting ominous tones send the composition adrift. What you won't expect from a producer named A.M. Breakups is the overlap of the field recording instrumentals with the heavy knock of hip hop production ethos.

Clink Pieces is half instrumental exploration, half random collaboration b-sides that were recorded during A.M. Breakups' The Cant Resurrection sessions, which is the upcoming full-length.

Download Clink Pieces here.

A.M. Breakups, “Bad Dreams, Good Day, Rap Show” (feat. Eleven)