Amanda X, “Juniper”

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“Juniper” is an earnest, cathartic introspection into the heart of Philly’s power-punks Amanda X. Soaring melodies and woozy guitars fume over the soft-spoken vocals of vocalist/guitarist Cat Park. The first track from their recently announced EP, Hundreds and Thousands, the release marks Amanda X’s first since 2014’s debut LP, Amnesia.

Clean, polished, and hook-laden, Park calls out to a foreboding love affair as she sings “saw you from the balcony / I’ve been staring at the arc of you for way to long / I’ve been in the loop of dreaming.” Park speaks with frustration over an unrequited love or a collapsing relationship. Amanda X songs are built upon a quiet/loud dynamic with dreamy, swift melodies that recall the early 90’s vibes of Nirvana or The Pixies. Rip-roaring hooks and steady drums build as the song reaches a cathartic high point as Parks shrieks “I can’t help myself.”

Tiff Yoon’s drums back up Parks’ vocal melodies, emphasizing her words rather than drowning them out. Unapologetic yet delicate lyrical observation sliced with infectious melodies make it easy to fall hard for Amanda X. As the song slowly dies out we are left with the somber and sincere beauty of Parks final sentiment: “My heart is slowly sinking into the dark.”

Hundreds and Thousands that will be released September 22 via Self Aware Records. You can stream “Juniper” below.