American Royalty, “Honey and Queen”

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American Royalty

LA's American Royalty are Billy Scher, Marc Gilfry, and Mat Ungson who released a listen to their “Honey & Queen” single, coated in bee buzzing creative effects. Their multi-instrumental approach has Southern California talking as the trio's instrument shuffle from keyboards, electric guitars, effects pedals, honey-making insect vocal disguises pack big beats from a world of imagination. From a residency at LA's Echo this past summer, you are invited to enter AR's regal hive that brings to mind a band of bombus busy with their nectar productions in the name of their grand matriarchal stinger.

The trio takes a road of vocal experimentation laid out over 808 floor tom sequences amid myriad effects. Billy, Marc and Mat take their sound to the outer limits through an exercise of restraint. In the Royalty world where slow pitched vocal samples, eye-blinking bouts of guitar blasts, key tones and voice treatments hold court; the magnitude of these elements could easily get lost in the mix. Instead of an instrumental battle for the fittest, the sounds align in a surreal space where every altered utterance, drum cue, and synthesizer has a place in the honey hive of what we affectionately describe as insect-electro.

American Royalty's Prismatic EP comes out February 2013 from Guns in the Sun Records.