Amoeba Men's second LP

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Amoeba Men, Worried About Your Wiring

Sometimes it might feel like times are tough for the torch bearers of no-bullshit post-punk skronkitude but these Amoeba Men don't seem to be wallowing.

Keeping the spirit alive through hair-pin atonalities, mutilated guitar distortion and good ol' fashioned screaming, the Richmond trio stir up a snarling knot of idiosyncratic two and three-minute anthems, all served up hot and free at the CNP Roach Motel.

The album was recorded in 2009 but despite that being around four blog years, it still remains, in their own words “manic and paranoid”.

Amoeba Men, “Exotic and Sublime”

Amoeba Men, “Fuck The Computer”

Amoeba Men, “Tan Lines”