Amp Fiddler, "Return Of The Ghetto Fly"

Post Author: Andre G

If “Dilla saved your life,” then you have immense existential gratitude to Detroit funk legend Amp Fiddler. The accomplished and aptly-named artist helped mentor J Dilla, teaching him to play the MPC60 that he mastered in legendary fashion. Fiddler purchased the MPC from his first musical advance some 30 years ago, and he’s still at it, set to release Amp Dog Knights on November 10th via Mahogani Music.
The first track from the project is “Return of The Ghetto Fly,” a funky composition produced by Dilla. The beat was actually gifted from Dilla to Amp in gratitude after he recovered the previously missing zip fil that held the song. Good thing this production was unearthed, as Fiddler used it expertly to announce his return to music, with vocals from Neco Redd and bars from Slum Village member T3.
Of the collaborators on “Return of The Ghetto Fly” and his upcoming album, he says, “those are my friends. I love the way they work.” Many music heads love him for helping put his friends in position to work. You can stream “Return Of The Ghetto Fly” below.