Another 'New Weird Australia' comp

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new weird australia compilation volume 3 album cover

If you liked the first one, why not try the third.

As seems to be the going standard for these collections of emerging musicians from Australia, there is not central signpost orienting the 16 tracks on this collection. The good people behind these not-for-profit endeavors actually went out of there way to talk through their mantra this time.


Our mission is not to meticulously scope and define what is to be
‘weird’ (#FAIL). Our mission rather is to map out a loose terrain – one
that skirts around the topological spread mapped by mainstream
alternative media, and one that sits both simultaneously in and out of
reach. New Weird Australia is designed as a bridge to reach fresh
pastures – at some points that journey might feel familiar, at others
it might be terrifyingly new.

Pompey, “Actual Locks”
48/4, “Hlibt”

Alps, “Goosebeak Whale”

Download it here.