Anto Dust – “Sinners Sing”

Rising London group conjures enchanting dream pop single

Anto Dust‘s enchanting dream-pop single, “Sinners Sing”, has officially made its debut in the world of streaming. After a prolonged break caused by a family illness during the COVID pandemic, the band is back in action, treating us to two fresh tracks, one of which was prominently featured in the award-winning short film, “Blueberry Smoothie,” directed by Darren Lee Murphy.

This uplifting piece carries a similar emotional resonance as Lana Del Rey’s music, boasting a rich tapestry of dream-pop elements. From the harmonious layers of vocals to the grandiose instrumentation featuring cymbal crashes and rhythmic toms, “Sinners Sing” delivers memorable melodies and lyrics.

The group tells us about the inspiration behind the track: “‘Sinners Sing’ was created in collaboration with Oscar and Grammy winner Robert L Smith, producer of Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and David Bowie. It tells the story of talented young musicians gathering around Dalston in London, playing at venues such as The Shacklewell Arms and Moth Club. Wasting away with drugs and alcohol, staying up for days and not knowing what day it is anymore, it becomes a way to fill the void from a lack of genuine human connection. The song is not meant as a judgment, but as a cry for help. A way to raise awareness around what happens backstage, when the lights go out and the music’s over.”

Give it a spin below: