Chad VanGaalen b-sides

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A year ago Chad VanGaalen restored my faith in quirky eccentric pop music with Soft Airplane. It was the record I shared with all my friends as a special treat that could be enjoyed by my most vainglorious elitist friends and my most casual indie poseur friends. Yes, I associate with both ends of the spectrum.

It's criminal that we can all have nine new Chad VanGaalen songs from the Soft Airplane sessions for free. But this is why I get up in the morning. Each day is another opportunity to discover free music and share it with you, my dearest friends. Chad loves you, too.

Chad VanGaalen, “Stuffed Animal”

Chad VanGaalen, “I Wish I Was A Dog”

Did Chad just say he wished he was a poltergeist, so he could spy on lesbians? I think it's time I share Chad with my frat friends.

Download Soft Airplane B-Sides here.