Approved Theft: Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs, Big Foot's Dick

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This mixtape is as nasty as it gets. Essentially it lives up to its name.

Upstate New York rapper Dezmatic dropped a mighty fine debut, Behemoth, on the defunct Fingerprint Records, then disappeared.

Ain't shit changed with Dezmatic though. He's still raunchy and vicious with the bars and he's back with a new mixtape featuring hip hop's sucker punch break-cutting DJ Mr. Dibbs.

Big Foot's Dick is not for the weak at heart or the politically correct. Recommended listeners should enjoy prank calls, sex on Camaro hoods and scratch routines with porno clips.

Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs, “B”

Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs, “F”

Download: Dezmatic & Mr. Dibbs, Big Foot's Dick Mixtape