Approved Theft: New Weird Australia comp

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The New Weird Australia comp does a number on anyone looking for a unified front from the land down under. In fact, the gears are set on disorient, so pick your niche: There's IDM-y piano grooves (Telafonica), free jazz (Predrag Delibasich), lo-fi sing alongs (Lessons in Time), dense post-industrial dust buster demos (Pimmon), twinkly girls (Kyu), samply Coco handclap girls (Brutal Hate Mosh), bit chip (Battlesnake), even some fractured dub step (Raven).

Point is, you might not want to listen to the whole thing straight through (the sound of an Austrailian doing some sort of weird M.I.A.-inspired rap-talking over beats that could've been written by Narwhalz trying to do hip hop is one reason, or if that's your thing, see Loom). You will, however, probably find some reason to stick your nose in deeper to your own corner of the new, apparently very eclectic, and oft-times weird Australia.

Lessons in Time, “Those Plastic Street Signs Are Not To Be Followed”

Pimmon, “On The Other Hand This Carbon Fire Is (Flammable)”