Approved Theft: Intuition & Verbs, Buzz EP

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Two of West L.A.'s finest team up for a free EP

Intuition has been buzzing since his debut Stories About Nothing, which we loved. But not as much as we love Intuition in the two-double-O-nine.

Verbs might be new to Impose ears, but definitely deserving of further attention. Co-founder of The Spliff, a monthly L.A. hip hop showcase, Verbs has toured with Murs. More importantly, his The Progress EP has stirred it up in the L.A. scene.

Together these two might be the second coming of Felt. All the makings are there: white rapper with girl fixation meets black rapper with a willingness to let a white guy rap on the same track. C'mon, right?

Intuition & Verbs, “See Us”

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The Buzz EP track listing:
01 Hip No Ties (Prod. by Alpha MC)
02 Touch the Moon (Prod. by Fudd Burton)
03 What You Make It (Prod. by Aspect 1)
04 See Us (Prod. by Equalibrum)
05 Really (Prod. by Dibiase)
06 Live Write (Prod. by Alpha MC + Feat. Dj MurjOne)