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ASAP rocky

ASAP Rocky earned our attention with his wise-beyond his youth approach to interviews; side stepping Odd Future beef, offering candid responses to homophobia in hip hop questions and by being a good sport when Complex had him rehash every interview question he answered in the past month for its introduction feature. We imagine one of the most trying annoyances as an interviewee is to come up with fresh ways to answer the same five questions ad infinitum.

ASAP Rocky, “Bass”

ASAP Rocky is a candid young dude. A bit late to the party, we climbed aboard half-heartedly with “Peso” and truly RSVPed this weekend after hearing “Bass”. We intend to take our time with Live.Love.ASAP, before making any grand proclamations about the net worth of the recently dubbed “$3 Million Rapper”, but for now we appreciate his interview skills. He strikes us as the sort of young dude that was either signing for a cool mili, or becoming partner at a small upstart business after his first week of hire. He's possibly the Robert California of hip hop.

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