Auditorium, The First Music

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Auditorium is the music project of multi-talented Spencer Berger.  The Los Angeles based artist performed all the vocals and instruments on The First Music, his second LP releasing on January 27th. “The album is a hunt for answers to unanswerable questions,” explains Berger. “Most of them are questions I’ve had my entire life. Some make me sad to think about, some bring me joy, some terrify me, and some stir emotions within me I don’t have a name for.” 
The First Music is a fifteen song masterwork that is both thoughtful and catchy.  Each tune is a vignette, the longest times in at 4:28, the shortest at :51, that tells a complete story.  Regardless of length, each song leaves you wanting to hear more.
“I Came Prepared” conveys that fear head on “I’m so scared/But oh I came prepared” and then follows up with angelic harmonies.  In “The Night Before I Turned Thirteen” Berger thought of a relative of his and what they endured during the Holocaust.
Despite the themes, this Auditorium album is hopeful in its’ tone and you will definitely want to add it to your playlist.

The First Music is out January 27th. It is available for preorder here.