Miyauchi Yuri, “Mirea (aus remix)”

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Tokyo's curator behind the influential flau imprint and producer ace aus, aka Yasuhiko Fukuzono, has just released a compilation titled ReCollected that brings together his remixes dating back to 2006 collected by Christopher Willits, Taylor Deupree and Pola of the label, Plop. In our premiere of aus's remix of Miyauchi Yuri's “Mirea”, the drum kicks up an energetic and optimistic pep that carries through the length of the cut with xylophone chimes that run and ring with the beat as they mingle shoulder to shoulder with the keyboard crescendos.

On the rework, aus tricks up the xylophonic bells to strike against the samples and synthesized programming. Hear ghost-like phaser sprung vocals just passing by, as strings play in time while the xylo-electronic assemblage remains in a rising flight mode. A neat technique that Yasuhiko has fun with is giving different song lives to the different key based instruments, both mimicked and live that work together to make a jubilant sound.

In a song that runs about 5 and a half minutes long, it should be noted that Fukuzono hits the switch on a low frequency jet stream effect at the 2 and a half minute mark that runs the rest of the remix's course. Once the keys and bell sounds are fused together, the sporadic wind chime melodics sound out in a controlled, but chaotic chorus. With aus's focus on stitching the acoustics with the digital programming, the song concludes with all instruments and sounds floating away in a breeze that leaves you alone with only the console hiss from the direct drive gears still turning in a clockwise motion.

The aus remix compilation ReCollected is available now from Plop.

01 Geskia! – Requiem for Genome
02 The Storms – Letter on the 44th Day
03 MOTORO FAAM – A Change of a Cityscape
04 miyauchi yuri – mirea_
05 Miou Miou – Summe Volume
06 Tujiko Noriko – Let Me See Your Face
07 Northerner – Direction
08 Christoph Berg – Interlude
09 Origamibiro – Sedimental Value
10 Fedaden – Verdad
11 cokiyu – Gloomy Monday
12 Park Avenue Music – Cutter
13 The Declining Winter – Yorkcitythree
14 matryoshka – Anesthetic
15 Henning Schmiedt – Schnee 2