Ava Luna, “Rain”

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Ava Luna Rain

Brooklyn’s Ava Luna have contributed a song to Father Daughter Records‘ “Keep In Touch” flexi postcard series. Each month, subscribers receive a seven-inch by seven-inch flexible postcard that has a song pressed directly onto it; this month’s edition features the previously unreleased Ava Luna track “Rain”. The song was written by Felicia Douglass, her second complete songwriting contribution to the project usually fronted by Carlos Hernandez, and follows her excellent “PRPL” off of the band’s second LP, Electric Balloon.

“Rain” is low-key, soulful Ava Luna at their best, presenting a three-minute jam replete with drum clicks, synthesizer bloops and bleeps, and Douglass’ affecting cadence. It’s a step away from the sound walls of “Billz“, instead relenting to the slow burning funk that has appeared intermittently throughout Ava Luna’s discography. Ava Luna at their quietest is not something to underestimate; “Rain” may be quiet, but it is also unrelentingly fresh, at times sounding like trap music gone the way of soul.

“Rain” is streaming below, and more info about “Keep In Touch” can be found here.