Ava Luna, “Steve Polyester”

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Ava Luna Infinite House

Soulful happenings and curious imaginations lay the groundwork for the new single from Brooklyn pop quintet, Ava Luna. The track, titled “Steve Polyester”, off their forthcoming Infinite House album, acts like a beat poem with its bouncy drum-start and the monologue-style description of this mystical figure, who first exists in rumors, but is eventually fleshed out and trothed to be none other than Steve Polyester. Who is Steve Polyester? According to the legend himself, “I am a landscape / I am a ruby lined in gold / Shaped like a cockroach / I smells good.” Pop-art era barbershop quartet “doo-doo”s swing in the background, atop minimalistic bass, adding to the fun notion of the imaginary figure.

Ava Luna might be asking what it’s like when a religion is started: to encounter a deity, first as hearsay, then finally witnessing for oneself an overpowering presence. Eventually, he becomes whatever the believer wishes to fulfill. The messianic essence of Steve is finalized, much like the Christian anticipation of a second coming, in the final whisper-shouted words, “come back!”

Infinite House is out April 14 on Western Vinyl. You can stream “Steve Polyester” below.