Avila Santo, "Headphones"

Post Author: Andre G

This is the perfect season to enjoy music blaring from huge speakers at festivals all over the world, but for the most insular amongst us, there’s a certain security that the headphone experience offers. LA singer/songwriter/producer Aliva Santo recently crafted “Headphones,” an ode to over-the-ear salvation. The track’s smooth, engrossing groove melds into pitter-pattering drum programming which drifts us away with the woman mentioned in the song.
The track’s pulsating, electro-soul canvas is a warm accompanient to Santo’s narrative about a girl who “said she’s searching in a world of blue for something to depend on.” There are many songs that celebrate the escapism that music offers, but fewer that champion earbuds and headphones as the vessel to those confines of comfort. The song is the first entry to Santo’s Soundcloud page in months. Who knows if he has more to follow, but we will enjoy the soulful “Headphones” in the meantime.
You can stream “Headphones” below.