Aye Nako, “Worms”

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Aye Nako the blackest eye

Brooklyn rebels Aye Nako have proven their knack at merging pointed politicized messages with catchy pop-punk hooks. In preparation for the quartet’s upcoming album The Blackest Eye on Don Giovanni Records, they released the single “White Noise” and have just shared a second track “Worms”. Vocalist/guitarist Mars Dixon lends raw vocals to feelings of frustration and desperation. “I’m flopping on the ground for air / But it’s not there / Racial sentiments are spinning way off track.” Underneath soul-baring lyrics like “Miserable all alone / And I’ll be damned if I’m wrong,” the dual guitars at times evoke the sound of Sleater-Kinney’s earliest records. “Worms” showcases Aye Nako’s signature ability to channel their thoughts and feelings on complex issues like race and identity into an urgent blast of sound.