Baby Acid, Don’t Blush When I Rip You Open

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Brooklyn-based genre-blending outfit Baby Acid – comprised of Lindsey Ann Lawless (bass, vocals) and Vadim Baranov (guitars) – has been hard at work on their debut release, an incredible 7 track collection of songs titled Don’t Blush When I Rip You Open. If the name alone doesn’t make you crave ownership of the damn thing, then perhaps this exclusive first listen might do the trick?

From the very first song “Baby Guts” – Who isn’t completely enamored by that title, by the way? – this album hits hard. The lyrics “my baby she will fuck you up” kick everything into high gear early, and it’s quite obvious we’re not coming down anytime soon. While “I Got So High” has more of a mid-tempo, shoegaze flare about it (Hi. High), “Far Too Frail” brings that bass back into “badass” levels. And if that doesn’t do the trick for ya, “Pheromones” is one of those songs you just want to form a mosh pit to. Even if it’s in the middle of your living room with your cats.

While “Please B4 You Go” sounds like a cry for help in the middle of a breakup, it trudges along without any sense of hurry, becoming a standout anthem of a track. “So Sorry” feels lighter, and the sentiment itself is hilarious and refreshingly honest. “Waste Of Time” is, hands down, the most Daria of the batch, therefore the best way to round out the album.

If you want to hear something that urges you to play it on repeat, Don’t Blush When I Rip You Open is it.

Don’t Blush When I Rip You Open is our December 9th on Moon Sounds Records.