Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, “Zebra Boy”

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Listening to the new Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk single, “Zebra Boy”, acts almost as a religious experience. With its dramatic choir-like flourishes over calming, loving caresses of slow-strummed electric guitar, it’s the kind of track that makes you look to the sky for an inspirational quote, or something. The track, off their forthcoming album Kill the Fuzz, out April 21 on Fire Talk Records, builds in intensity from its opening note, beautifully harmonized voices coming in like the sun peeking through on a partially cloudy day. Recorded in Gravesend Studios at the Silent Barn, Kill the Fuzz is he first BBDDM album recorded in a proper studio, making it clearer and, as the title suggests, less fuzzed out than their earlier work.

Each individual element in the band is highlighted at some point in the song: the surf-style daze of the guitar, whale-like bass plunges and the steady tick of cymbals throughout. But the highlight here is certainly the cathedral-like vocal harmonies, Gregorian chanting in nature, almost indiscernible in their consonants, instilling a painful beauty in the heart that leaves a hole as the track cuts out. (Tough to believe one of the dudes in BBDDM, Drew Gibson, is also in the horrifically unnerving noise project Headless Horse Head.)

Tour dates:

25 Detroit MI @ Donovan’s Pub
26 Grand Rapids, MI @ House Show
27 Madison, WI @ The Boar Shed w/ Julian Lynch
28 Milwaukee, WI @ The Zombie House
29 Appleton, WI @ The Exclusive Company
30 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle

03 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
18 Cold Spring, NY @ Mountain Show::Decoder Presents
21 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
22 Philadelphia, PA @ Eris Temple Arts
23 Athens, OH @ Lobster Fest
24 Lawrence, KS @ Pizzapalooza
25 Kansas City, Mo @ Minibar
26 Des Moines, IA @ The Fremont