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Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Skeletor and Me

Last week's Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk set during our CMJ Imposition had passerbys at Woods muttering “Wolf Eyes?” and peering through the bar glass, as the three sorcerers, on drums, guitars and labyrinthian effects and electronics thrashed out some truly dark and thorny arts. After the show one of the members, who among other channels sent sound through Max/MSP on his laptop explained (straight-lipped) that he was “casting spells” when he noticed our photographer behind him – he politely requested we delete any shots of the LCD screen lest others steal his incantations.

Here are two songs off Skeletor And Me, a new foot long vinyl from the band, out now on Fire Talk.

“Sonic Youth?” Asked my friend on the other side of the room for “Last Night Sucked“. The lovely thing about this band is their ability to wear different moody cloaks – sometimes defying definition (miring through the woe-be-gone sludge of the gorgeous “MT2“, for instance). A few of the tracks they've shared in the past off Skeletor head towards a haunted 70s folk you wouldn't think resided in the same hemisphere as these two heavier tracks.

Also, Euro readers can catch the Boids soon:

16 Leipzig, Paris Syndrome*
17 Erfurt, Woodstock Records*
18 Berlin, Marie-Antoinette* (w/ Prince Rama)
19 Prague, Final Club* (w/ Prince Rama)
20 Košice, Tabačka* (w/ Prince Rama)
21 Brno, Skleněná louka*
22 Vienna, Arena* (w/ Casiotone For the Painfully Alone)
24 Krefeld, Kulturrampe*
25 Kassel, Underground*
26 Hamburg, Hasenschaukel*
27 Nürtingen, Provisorium*
28 Jena, Jena Café*
29 Dresden, Ostpol*

*w/ Katrina Stonehart