Back to the Future the Ride, Chatroom Enhancing Drugs

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It seems that zeitgeist nomenclature often leads to short-lived musical projects. As Brian Miller retires one moniker in favor for another, he posthumously offers the last Back to the Future the Ride album, Chatroom Enhancing Drugs, for free. For BTTFtr followers it should sound mostly familiar — this 9-track digital release is comprised of past singles and 3 unreleased tracks (“Ghosts Outside of Argentina”, “The Cathedral of Orange in the City of Red”, and “Science Mirrors”). Unlike fellow company with pop-culture-appropriated names (e.g. Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head et al.) Back to the Future the Ride’s ambient and at times noisy sounds are surprisingly fitting with the ’80s sci-fi comedy franchise extension. Miller, ostensibly a time travel enthusiast, conjures bent timelines where present/futuristic glitches touch classicism of the past.

While ‘Chatroom Enhancing Drugs’ serves as compilation rather than a proper album, it provides a nice summary for newcomers and fans alike. It is neatly presented with fresh artwork by Peter Burr and released by Brian Miller’s own label Death Bomb Arc, from which we hope to hear his future releases as True Neutral Crew.