Basement Revolver – ‘Wax and Digital’ EP

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Canadian dream-shoegazers level up on stunning new EP

Last year, Ontario shoegaze band Basement Revolver released their debut LP Heavy Eyesa sugar-rush of airy lo-fi guitar riffs, poignant lyricism, and dreamy production – and one of the best albums of the year. Since then they’ve kept busy playing shows and writing and recording new material, which has culminated in a fantastic follow-up EP released earlier this month called Wax and Digital. It’s yet another lush, hazy effort from the group that further positions them as one of the most promising emerging bands in the genre.

On Wax and Digital, the original trio of Chrisy Hurn, Nimal Agalawatte and Brandon Munro has added second guitarist Jonathan Malström to the fold, resulting in a dense, expansive record that hits searing sonic heights. The opening title track features propulsive rhythms and beautiful, reverb-soaked guitars that complement Hurn’s soothing vocals. It’s the perfect blast to lead things off. Furthermore, “Have I Been Deceived” is another highlight. An emotionally turbulent slowcore-pop ballad, the track appears to tackle Hurn’s Christian upbringing with a sense of simmering anger and regret: “Love, I feel like a prisoner/ To a faith I hardly half-believe,” she croons, full of mournful melancholy. Overall, it’s a sad but touching song that displays Basement Revolver operating at their best level: swelling, noisy, mid-tempo dream-pop – alá last year’s sensational Heavy Eyes single “Baby.”

From there, the album oscillates between explosive noise-rock (“Concussion Pt. II”) and meditative indie (“What Are You Waiting For”) with shapeshifting ease. Wax and Digital is another breathtaking triumph for the Canadian band, and we will continue to keep close tabs on them. You can purchase the EP HERE, and watch the inventive animated video for “Have I Been Deceived” below.