Bass Lions, "Dynamite Quartz"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Bass Lions‘ new track, “Dynamite Quartz,” is multi genre: the song is an interesting blend of synth pop, orchestral music and alt rock. Opening on a drum beat and a momentous string section and ending on energetic synth and vocals, “Dynamic Quartz,” doesn’t really dull. Instead, Bass Lions creates a track that is expansive, dipping in and out of interestingly structured melodies and cool arches of sound.
The track comes from the band’s upcoming EP of mostly instrumental music, which means arranging a song like “Dynamite Quartz” was challenging. The end product is a track that is cohesive and showcases the band’s abilities to incorporate a mix of different modes of songwriting and arranging.

“Dynamite Quartz,” comes from upcoming EP Threes. Keep up with the band here.