BBU wins us over with GLC collab

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I took the professional route regarding BBU by saying nothing and never sugar coated my opinion on the Chicago juke rap troupe off the record. The name's shock value was iresome in a “too soon” manner and the light speed drum pattern awareness of juke made me car sick. Since I sound like a splintery old curmudgeon with those statements, let's just say they were aiming for the “smartly subversive” punch and wit of Das Racist, but fell short and if that's the case I've only got room for one group telling me what I'm doing wrong as a white man. Before these groups it was Ice Cube, but no time for X-Clan.

Craft a champion sound beat slowed to a dub pace suitable for a GLC collaboration (chuuch) though and I will reconsider my assessment of your group. BBU officially won me over with “The Hood”. The song's intent relates to the judgment that comes with speaking slang and associating it with a lack of education. If there's people out there who think GLC is under-educated because he spells it “chuuch”, they deserve a powdered bitch slap. The BBU trio hold their own next to the Chicago legend, with gnarling verses that set the record straight on speaking in native tongues.

BBU, “The Hood” (feat. GLC)

BBU's bell hooks mixtape is out February 14 on Mishka.