Beatrice Deer releases "1997" off her upcoming album My All to You

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

From beautiful Nunavik, Canada, emerging singer-songwriter Beatrice Deer is in preparation for her upcoming full-length album release My All to You which is set to release on May 11th. This being her fifth album release marks a huge milestone for Deer. She ended up moving to Montreal for several different reasons but one, as she explains, was to get therapy. “My All to You is all about owning up,” she explains. “It’s about reconciliation with your self—which is the hardest thing to do. And I mean that on a personal level as well as on a national level.” Immediately you can tell just by hearing “1997”, the sense of freshness and peace of mind vibrating off of Beatrice Deer is intoxicating. You can plainly hear her folk inspirations being portrayed in her work and tones. My All to You is the first album Deer has composed all of the original music and lyrics, singing in three different languages Inuktitut, French, and English.

If you want a comfortable full-length escapade then All My to You is literally for you. It’s for anyone. You will get lost in Deer’s susurrating melodies and be led into the homiest place on this earth.