Big Ups, “Rash”

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Post-hardcore rockers Big Ups have a split 7″ with fellow Brooklynites Washer on its way, and the newly-released single is every bit as intense as the band’s full-length would have us expect. With big distorted guitars and frontman Joe Galarraga’s characteristic loud vocals, “Rash” is about as sludgy as Big Ups gets. It alternates between Galarraga’s yelling and a muffled spoken part. At under two minutes, it’s a brief burst of frustrated energy that leaves a real dent.

According to Galarraga, the track has to do with living in a city and feeling vulnerable: “We live in a city so densely populated, that it feels impossible to escape and actually be alone. We’re always surrounded by people on the street and the transit system. Even in our apartments, we are separated from our neighbors by a few feet of drywall. On bad days, this can be all too overwhelming. Specifically, the song uses the idea of rash to manifest this idea; everyone can see one’s regularities in the open without pretense.” Indeed, if the song’s lacking one thing, it’s pretense. The band’s not holding back a thing on this one.

The split is due out November 18 through Exploding in Sound. Meanwhile, you can catch them live on their west coast tour with LVL UP in mid-October.