Big Ups, “Wool”

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big ups

If you've seen the band Big Ups (or The Big Ups, if you're into Spotify or pronouns) play, you'll probably recognize the second single from their upcoming record, “Wool”, as the most affecting track in their setlist. When Joe Galarraga gets on stage, mouthing a catalog of words like “daylight savings,” “pencil shavings” and “raptured, fractured, and captured,” he does so with satisfying ennui, wrapping a microphone cable around his neck, moving between apathetic ranting and impassioned pleading. The studio version of the track scratches a different kind of itch, as each muted, monotone line sounds like a poetry reading before the band and Galarraga positively explode into a melee of ghastly, anarchic noise that's a release in its purest form.

Eighteen Hours of Static, where this track and its companion first single “Goes Black” come from, will be released on Tough Love in the UK on January 13 and Dead Labour everywhere else on January 14.