Black Mekon, “Black Mekon Must Die”

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black mekon

Punk Slime Recordings, the label that has thus far brought us excellent releases from Al Lover and Sudakistan, has given us first access to this debut Black Mekon track, “Black Mekon Must Die”. A sludgy, bluegrass-meets-punk hard-hitter, Black Mekon has us convinced that maybe we'd like to keep them alive after all. Taking on a life of its own, the track grows beyond its means into something you could find at a burned-out motorcycle bar or an even grimier place that you might not want to know. The tense, frenetic energy in the air-packed guitars feels like it might just burst, and by the song's close, you'll feel like you've been been holding your breath. Chances are, you really have been.

You can stream “Black Mekon Must Die” here and then look to PNKSLM for their debut limited edition 12″, Stolen Bible 2, in November. You can also peep a trailer for the album below the embed, which only adds to the air of prolonged mystery surrounding the blues-punk duo.