Blanche Blanche Blanche, Breaking Mirrors

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blanche blanche blanche

In recent email exchanges with the band, it was revealed to me that Blanche Blanche Blanche are aiming to take themselves less seriously on their upcoming release than in past albums. In Breaking Mirrors, their album that you can stream in full below, a variety of things are in play for the Vermont-based duo—the album was recorded in studio with a full band, the songs have a terser, more hand-to-mouth quality, and though the signature off-the-rails BBB sound is present, there's less fooling around with the sound. In some ways, this record feels like a punk record on a waterslide. It careens and moves and filters through expressive guitar lines and masterfully placed vocals, and be aware that before the half an hour mark hits, you'll not even feel like you've heard one song. It's a compact post-punk effort that is a little more playful than prior releases, but with a much tighter, fuller sound.

You can pick up Breaking Mirrors through Wharf Cat Records when it releases tomorrow, November 5.