Blank Square, "Empty My Head"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Residing in San Francisco, four piece Blank Square seems to shy away from being as golden as their state. Their music is rough around the edges, the sort of stuff you would expect Jess Mariano to listen to as he dashes out of Luke’s. Gearing up for their debut, Animal I, Blank Square is treating us to their latest jam, “Empty My Head.”
Falling somewhere between Joy Division and Sublime, Blank Square finds themselves in a bit of a twilight zone, branching out into such diverse genres, we’ve yet to properly categorize them. But in listening to “Empty My Head,” it seems the band would prefer it that way. A blaring saxophone surprises us, pushing the punk track forward. It’s a welcome addition and quickly grows on us, the vocals adding a punch to the mix. Blank Square’s creative approach to music is exciting– packed with twists and turns, their debut will surely throw us for a loop.

Animal I is out on February 24th via Castle Face Records. Keep up with the band here.