Bleached's Saturday morning matinee

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Bleached searching through the past

Bleached have been thinking about the past and missing you so long. While it sounds like a line straight out of a Ronnie Spector hit, the popped out tone of their newest single, “Searching Through the Past” is straight Josie and the Pussycats. And in this writer's opinion, that's a good thing. They even throw in a single-string guitar melody “solo” circa all the best pop-punk era bands (before pop-punk was a dirty word). Oh, and the sisters in Bleached were in Mika Miko (apparently it is a pre-requisite that you must mention this fact any time you post about Bleached).

The single is from their 7″ of the same name, out December 6 on our favorite baseball referencing label, Suicide Squeeze. They are also playing our Imposition show at Shea Stadium this Friday.

Bleached, “Searching Through the Past”