Blue Sky Black Death, “Friday Night Coma Party”

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Blue Sy Black Death

Seattle's Blue Sky Black Death has spent nearly a decade bringing instrumental hip hop to new heights, presenting a sound that's sonically aligned with the instrumental post rock of the early Aughts. Instrumental hip hop has been shot down as boring by critics, but the exception to that thesis has always been the output by Blue Sky Black Death's Young God and Kingston.

Currently on tour, we asked BSBD to curate a Friday Night mix. Much of their catalog boasts acute attention to atmosphere, the impact of layering, and discovering textural opportunities to inspire cathartic release. Albums like Slow Burning Light and Late Night Cinema tend to function best in places outside of where one might expect to hear a hip hop record; staying home on the weekend, but not sleeping until 3 a.m. or a mountain drive in the terror twilight. Since BSBD always make us think differently, it's no surprise their contribution “Friday Night Coma Party” is inspired by a very niche emotional state, unpopular in the gamut of weekend serotonin levels. Heavily slowed n' screwed, “Friday Night Coma Party” is for the terminally subdued who respond to the downer substances rather than the euphoria brands.

The group offered the following explanation of “Friday Night Coma Party”:

This is basically the midpoint between being in a coma and being at a party if such a thing could exist. Coma party. It's not exactly something to get you going on a Friday night but it probably works well as the score to a comedown. It's even extra turnt down because of the slowed 'N throwed Burial parts that are custom for this mix.

Friday Night Coma Party tracklisting:
01 Burial Intro (Slowed 'N Throwed)
02 Caz Greez feat. Bolo Nef – IDK (prod. Tele Fresco)
03 Eric G – High (We Can Fly)
04 Cash Out – Money Do (prod. Metro Boomin)
05 Burial interlude (Slowed 'N Throwed)
06 Justin Timberlake – Love (Bear//Face Remix)
07 Zomby – Digital Smoke
08 Bolo Nef – Positive Thug (prod. Ryan Evans)
09 Frank Ocean – Pyramids (BSBD remix)
10 Go Phigga – Grippin On Grain (C&S)
11 Kid Smpl – It Changed
12 Whales – Untitled

Blue Sky Black Death are on tour:
21 ~ 22 Buku Festival – New Orleans, LA
27 The Pour House Music Hall – Raleigh, NC
28 Asheville Music Hall – Asheville, NC
29 The Basement – Atlanta, GA
07 Granada Theater – Dallas, TX
05-08-2014 – Emo's – Austin, TX

Also catch BSBD at SxSW tonight at Holy Mountain: