Boldy James & Chuck Inglish, “For The Birds”

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Boldy James

For no reason in particular, Boldy James dropped a Chuck Inglish-produced cut entitled “For The Birds”, in which James exhausts himself by dropping every known avian pun he can muster in three-minutes. Previously this feat was attempted by the likes of Cannibal Ox on “Pigeons” and Sporty Thievz on “No Pigeons”, but as each title suggests, the metaphorical device was limited to Columbidae species.

Boldy James lays its on thick in the chorus, but “For The Birds” is primarily a trapper's tale of being over the dumb shit in the crack game. James is so skilled at the craft that the amateurs (bird brains) are just a nuisance in his daily operation. Props to James for pulling off a “goose and gander” pun with ease.

In other news, Boldy James signed a one album deal with Decon to release his untitled record with The Alchemist.