Bonaventure, "Supremacy'

Post Author: Andre G

The plight of Black people has become an intrinsic issue within the American dialogue, but perhaps too little do we consider the experiences of those Black people living internationally. For experimental soundscapist Bonaventure, being of African and European heritage in Switzerland has been a “violent clash of sorrow and love,” which she noted about her upcoming FREE LUTANGU EP.
The EP will be available digitally in May on PTP, but she released a sneak peek recently with her “Supremacy” track, a thundering, tormented experimentation that culls from Sister Souljah’s legendary interview with Bill Moyer. As the song’s screeching alarm-like effects and pounding percussion is an abstract device to convey the cauldron of rage and stress systemic racism inflicts, Souljah’s commentary on the brutalization and subjugation of Black people contextualizes it all.
The project will deal heavily with institutional racism, including on the album’s closing track, in which Bonaventure, real name Soraya Lutangu, collaborates with artist and writer Hannah Black. You can stream “Supremacy” below, as well as see the tracklist for the digital (and vinyl) releases.

Track list
1. Supremacy
2. Mulatre
3. Hopelessness
4. Synchronicity
5. Diaspora
6. Fearlings feat. Hannah Black
7. Complexion (Y1640 Remix) – vinyl edition
8. Complexion (Ziúr Remix) – vinyl edition
9. Complexion (Prison Religion Remix) – vinyl edition
10. Complexion (Endgame Remix) – vinyl edition
11. Complexion (Jackie Remix) – vinyl edition
12. Complexion (Geng Remix) – vinyl edition